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Staff Placement

Hire your own domestic helper through Chez Vous.

For families with intensive cleaning and child care needs.

Our coordinators will help you find the best domestic helper depending on your needs and budget.

Recommended for families;

① With intensive needs (eg, 5 days a week / 6 hours or more per day).
② Who need a staff for house chores and childcare support.
③ With two children or more, making dispatch babysitting services too expensive.
④ Who need support such as cooking or house sitting.
⑤ Looking for a cost-effective solution for the long run through direct hire.
⑥ Who need tailored solution for their special requests that other housekeeping companies cannot cover.
⑦ Looking for a stable helper, working under favorable conditions for both the staff and your family.

Cautionary notes;

① The customer will manage and be responsible for the staff (employee) as the employer.
② The working conditions of the staff must be in accordance with Japanese labor laws such as the Labor Standards Act (breaks, paid leaves, etc.).
③ The minimum wage set by your prefecture must be respected.
④ Chez Vous consulting fee will be charged when the direct contract is signed.

Overview and Process;

① Fill in our Order Form with your requirements.
② Chez Vous will proceed with a thorough screening of potential staff, We will then present you our best candidates.
③ We will introduce the candidates you selected for an interview and proceed with a trial period with the best match(es) upon mutual agreement.
④ Feedback regarding the trial period.
⑥ If you decide to proceed with the staff, and both parties (employer and employee) agree on the work conditions, Chez Vous will prepare the necessary documents and accept the consulting fee, concluding the process.


Example Schedule Scenarios;

① Working parents receiving support for house care and child pick up when parents cannot.

[ Situation I ]
I am looking for someone who can do housekeeping and take care of my child after school. While we are working, we need housekeeping help on weekdays such as cleaning and laundry. During school holidays, we will request the staff to adjust her schedule and start working a little earlier. We would like a foreign staff member who enjoys speaking English and who likes to dance and play.

13:00 Arrival, start housekeeping (cleaning, laundry, shopping)
16:00 Break
16:45 Cooking
18:30 Child Pick Up
19:00 Return from pick-up, dinner, bath time
20:30 Parents return home, status report, Finish.

② Housewife (or Househusband) receives support for housekeeping and childcare

[ Situation II ]
Since I am home, the helper does not need to focus too much on childcare and pickup/drop off. However we may need sudden support if I am sick (housewife/househusband) or if I need to go to the clinic. The main request is general housework such as cleaning, laundry, bed making, ironing, and preparing food.

8:30 Arrival / Housework (cleaning / laundry) occasional school drop off (when one child has a fever, etc.)
11:30 Break
12:30 Housework (laundry, ironing, bed making)
14:00 Children Pick Up (kindergarten / after school studies) If needed.
16:00 Return home / Housework (shopping / preparing food) occasionally caring for the children
17:30 Finish

③ Staff Live-in Support

[ Situation III ]
Working parents so needs general housework and homecare.
Children are busy with school, club activities, exams, etc. During summer vacation, I would like to ask staff to also make lunch in addition to the usual breakfast and dinner. As we are busy with work, we would need a full-time helper to take care of the house chores and keep an eye on the house while we are out.

6:00 Wake up, start work, prepare breakfast, lunch
8:30 Break
9:15 Housework (cleaning / laundry)
11:30 Housework (lunch preparation)
13:00 Break
15:00 Housework (shopping, laundry, dinner preparation)
19:00 Housework (cleaning up meals, preparing for the next day, etc.)
19:30 Finish for the day and retire in her own room

One off Chez Vous Placement fee is 20% of staff annual salary.
We invite you to drop by our office for a face-to-face consultation to let you know more about the options, the domestic staffing market and the solutions we can provide. Please call us to set up an appointment.

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※Our Staff Placement service is provided by our affiliated company Quality Life Concierge.