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House Cleaning-Pro

The Experts You Need

For all your technical cleaning needs such as air conditioning, kitchen range hood, bathroom lime scale, etc., our skilled expert teams are here to take care of it. We use professional detergents and tools to get rid of any dirt and bacteria. Contact us for a free assessment.


(Standard rates, Tax-inclusive)

Wet Areas

Bathroom Cleaning ¥27,500/area
Kitchen Cleaning ¥27,500/area
Kitchen Range Hood Cleaning ¥24,200/unit
Toilet Cleaning ¥15,400/area Sink Area Cleaning ¥15,400/area

Ventilation & Air conditioner

WA/C Cleaning - Ceiling Type ¥39,600/unit
From the second ceiling type unit, ¥29,700/unit
A/C Cleaning - Wall Type ¥19,800/unit
From the second ceiling type unit, ¥15,400/unit

Balcony & Windows

(1)Balcony Cleaning
- estimation for a 10m2 balcony
(2)Window Cleaning
(both sides, screen door and sash)
- estimation for a 1x2m2 window

We take great pride in putting your home to its best condition and would like you to enjoy the extra level of cleanliness our House Cleaning-Pro team can bring!