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Special Service

Tailored to your Needs

To answer all your needs, we also offer deep and technical cleaning, full-time nanny placement, and attendant/butler services.

House Cleaning-Pro Service
Full-time Placement Service

House Cleaning-Pro Service

For all your technical cleaning needs such as air conditioning, kitchen range hood, bathroom lime scale, etc., our skilled expert teams are here to take care of it. We use professional detergents and tools to get rid of any dirt and bacteria. Contact us for a free assessment.


(Standard rates, Tax-exclusive)

Room Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning ¥23,760 (tax inclusive)
Kitchen Cleaning ¥23,760 (tax inclusive)
Kitchen Range Hood Cleaning ¥21,120 (tax inclusive)
Toilet Cleaning ¥11,880 (tax inclusive)

Air-con Cleaning

Wall Type ¥17,820 (tax inclusive) / 1 unit
Celling Type ¥39,600 (tax inclusive) / 1 unit

Balcony / Window

(1)Balcony Cleaning
¥22,000 (tax inclusive) / 10 square meter
(2)Window Cleaning
¥6,050 (tax inclusive) / 1m x 2m

We take great pride in putting your home to its best condition and would like you to enjoy the extra level of cleanliness our House Cleaning-Pro team can bring!

Full-time Placement Service

Professional Domestic Help for Households with Intensive Needs
For families requiring integrated assistance with housekeeping and child-care, or households with other intensive needs, Chez Vous* is pleased to offer a Full-time Placement Service. This is a consulting-based service, designed to facilitate the private placement of full-time domestic staff in your home. A pioneer service in the domestic staffing market in Japan, this service enables you to form a private contract with a domestic worker, to employ her on a full-time ongoing basis.

* Chez Vous Consulting Co., Ltd. Placement License:13-ユ-305496

Based on a detailed assessment and deep understanding of your requirements, we will source the best candidates in the market for you to meet and try-out before going ahead into a private contract. This service is ideal for busy families, who are looking for the peace of mind to know they are hiring the right person, and ensuring compliance with Japanese immigration and labor standards.

Cost Breakdown

Cost Component Paid To Amount Notes
Monthly Salary Domestic
(per month)
Salary depends on staff type/level,
working hours, nature of position etc.
Please ask for more details.
Others e.g.
Please ask for more details  
Placement Fee Chez Vous 15% of Annual Salary (one time) Calculated as monthly salary x 12 x 0.15


- Cost-effective solution for families with intensive needs, when compared with our standard temp-staff services
- Matching and consulting by an experienced HR Consultant
- Tailored solution to meet the individual requirements of your home
- Strict screening of staff introduced as candidates
- Compliance: introduction of legal workers, preparation of employment contract and advice on other employment issues
- Access and network of a wide variety of staff types to meet the needs of your home

Meet for a Consultation
We invite you to drop by our office for a face-to-face consultation to let you know more about the options, the domestic staffing market and the solutions we can provide. Please call us to set up an appointment.

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