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More Time in Your Life

To busy to make time for cleaning?
Rather spend a weekend for your own time instead of cleaning?
Chez Vous is here to take care of your household needs. Our housekeepers can do a general cleaning of your home, from vacuuming, floor cleaning, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, dusting and bedmaking within the allotted time frame requested. Laundry and ironing can be provided with additional time.
We try to customize to our client’s needs.


Services start from 3hours above.
*Prices are exclusive of consumption tax.

3 hours:¥9,150
Transportation charge ¥1,000

* 4 hours: ¥11,800 / 5 hours: ¥14,600
* A fixed transportation fee of ¥1,000 (tax inclusive) is added on top of the service fee per visit.
* Service Hours: Monday to Sunday / 9am-6pm
* A holiday surcharge of ¥1,500 (tax exclusive) will be applied for services on Sundays and Japanese national holidays.
* After hours surcharge applies for 7am-9am, 6pm-10pm.
* A special holiday surcharge shall be applied for services during Year-End and New Year holiday period.

Trial Package

We invite you to make the most of a no-obligation trial plan, with discounted prices for up to two services.

3 hours : ¥6,000
Transportation charge¥1,000

* This package is only valid for new users, planning to use housekeeping service on a regular basis.

Membership System

If you would like a regular weekly cleaning service, it would be best to become a Member. The membership fees are as follow (exclusive of tax):

Registration Fee : ¥7,500 (one time)
Annual Fee : ¥7,500 (every year)

* Membership Fees include service set-up, coordination costs and accidental damage insurance.
* Membership is available for clients using at least 3 hours of service per week.
- Reduced hourly prices when compared to Spot Housekeeping Service (over ¥700 off per hour).
- Huge discounts on Babysitting Membership fees (50% off on Registration fee & 1st year Annual fee OFF!)
- 10% discount on all House Cleaning-Pro Services
- Access to other in-hour special campaigns and promotional offers.

Spot Housekeeping

This service is perfect for clients who do not need housekeeping service on a regular basis, especially those living in smaller apartments or who are often out of town, or just need a maid to clean your home once or twice a month, or need intensive help for a week or two. This service would work for you!

Services start from 3hours above.
* Prices are exclusive of consumption tax.

3 hours: ¥11,450 + Transportation charge¥1,000
4 hours: ¥14,800 + Transportation charge¥1,000
5 hours: ¥18,300 + Transportation charge¥1,000