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Giving You More Time
in Your Life

Have you ever thought "I'm too busy with work to clean" or "I'd rather spend my day off relaxing"? Our housekeepers provide housework tailored to your needs, such as surface cleaning, laundry, bed making, and cooking, to allow yourself some time off at home.


per 1-hour service: ¥4,620
transportation fee of ¥1,000
(weekday 9:00 to 18:00)

* 3 hours minimum and 30-minute increments.
* Your coordinator will check with you and set the time based on the surface area, service content, and other conditions.
* The above is for our Regular Plan, for clients using our services more than once a month.
* If you use it less than once a month, it will fall under our Spot Plan.
  The basic rate will be ¥5,500 for 1 hour + transportation fee of ¥1,000.
* Additional fee will be charged outside 9:00-18:00. Please contact us for details.

Housekeeping service details

* The service covers basic household chores, such as:
Cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, wet areas cleaning, etc.), tidying up, laundry, bed making (replacement of bedding), dishwashing, trash disposal, ...
* We use the cleaning materials available at the customer's home.
* If you are using the regular plan, we can provide the service even when the customer is not at home.
* We cannot accept unsafe work, highly specialized work, or work that exceeds the originally planned work scope.

■ Holiday fee
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: ¥1,650
For the year-end and New Year period, a special charge will be charged separately.

■ Cancellation fee
Applied for cancellations made
1) After 18:00 of 2 business day before the scheduled service up to 90 minutes before it: ¥6,000
2) Within 90 minutes before the scheduled service: ¥7,000