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Disinfection Services

Spend your time at home
in a clean and fresh environment.

After receiving several inquiries for office cleaning during the coronavirus, we also receive more and more requests for home disinfection recently.

  • Use of detergent containing specialized ethanol and disinfectant, using sodium hypochlorite water.
  • Cleaning of all the high-touch surfaces (door knob, switches, desk, chair, floor, glass, wall, etc.).
  • Deep cleaning of the wet areas (bathroom, kitchen, sinks) with antifungal and antibacterial coating.
  • To ensure a hygienic and healthy environment, we also recommend our professional air conditioner cleaning (bathroom ventilation and centralized ventilation system also possible).

Important notes

・We cannot guarantee the prevention of infection nor the total suppression of bacteria.
・Our [Home disinfection] and [Air conditioner cleaning] services are under our Housecleaning services.