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Peace of Mind

Chez Vous guarantees the safety of your children and peace of mind you are looking for by dispatching fully trained professional babysitters.
We have a wide range of English and Japanese speaking babysitting staff with a strong background in childcare, and we are confident to match the right babysitter for your family.


¥2,662 (tax-inclusive)/h (Daytime 9am - 5pm)

¥3,355 (tax-inclusive)/h (Morning 5am - 9am / Evening 5pm – 10pm),
¥3,993 (tax-inclusive)/h (Night 10pm – 5am)

* Minimum service is from 3 hours.
* Fixed transportation fee of ¥1,000 (tax-inclusive) per visit.
* Holiday service surcharge (Sundays and national Holidays): ¥2,200 (tax-inclusive)
* Service extension charged based on 15-minute increments.

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Additional Services

Domestic Helper Service (for members only)
This service is designed for busy families who need versatile all-round help from a dedicated Domestic Helper to provide integrated assistance with the child-care and housekeeping duties. This service is an innovative addition in the Babysitting Service range to respond to the hectic lifestyles of foreign families living in Tokyo and Yokohama.
The rates are as follows up to:
Daytime (9am - 5pm): ¥3,322 (tax-inclusive)
Morning / Evening (5am - 10am / 5pm - 9pm):: ¥3,993 (tax-inclusive)
Night (10pm - 5am): ¥4,653 (tax-inclusive)

* Babysitting conditions above are applied.
Hotel Babysitting - NEW
Enjoy Tokyo knowing your children are safe and happy in your hotel room or a nearby park with our professional care givers at special rates.
¥2,662 (tax-inclusive) / hour

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“Work From Home” Support - NEW
We now provide a new child care service to support parents working from home.
¥7,986 (tax-inclusive) / 3hour

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“Welcome Baby” Package - NEW
Chez Vous offers a special package for prenatal and postnatal care.
From ¥242,000 (tax-inclusive) / month (3 hours, 5 times a week)

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For other child care needs, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Trial Package

We invite you to make the most of a no-obligation plan, with discounted prices for up to TWO services.

3 hours:¥5,500 (tax-inclusive)
Transportation charge ¥1,000 (tax-inclusive)

* 9:00 - 17:00
* This package is only valid for new users, planning to use babysitting service on a regular basis. * Tax-exclusive

Member System

For regular weekly babysitting and childcare needs, we recommend you to register as a member. The membership fee are as follows (Tax-inclusive):

Registration Fee : ¥38,500 (tax-inclusive) (one time)
Annual Fee : ¥16,500 (tax-inclusive) (every year)

Please note that these fees may be discounted, if you are referred by various welfare benefit organizations or other Chez Vous partners. Please ask for more details.

* Membership Fees include service set-up and coordination costs, and accidental damage insurance.
* Membership is available for clients using at least 12 hours of service per calendar month.
- 10% discount on all House Cleaning-Pro Services.
- Free Housekeeping Service Registration fee.
- Access to other in-hour special campaigns and promotional offers.

Spot Babysitting Service

Visiting Tokyo on vacation or business? Want to go for a special dinner? No-one to take care of the baby?! Chez Vous Spot Babysitting Service can help you!

Daytime (9am - 5pm) ¥3,322 (tax-inclusive)/h
Morning/Night (5am - 9am, 5pm - 10pm) ¥4,180 (tax-inclusive)/h
Midnight (10pm - 5am) ¥4,994 (tax-inclusive)/h

* Minimum service is from 3 hours.
* Prices are not inclusive of consumption tax.
* Transportation charge: +¥1,000(tax inc.) per visit (fixed)
* Holiday service surcharge (Sundays and national Holidays): + ¥2,200 (tax-inclusive)
* Prices are charged based on 15-minute increments.
* For safety reasons, in certain cases Chez Vous may need to send two sitters to take care of three children.