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Inquiry & Order

  1. step1
    You can Inquire through our website or call Chez Vous’ office (0120-699-100).
    Our coordinators will be glad to discuss about your needs and answer any question you have.
  2. step2
    To begin the process of matching a suitable staff, your assigned coordinator will send you an email with details on completing our Service Order Form. This form includes necessary for us to ensure the highest quality of service.
    Terms and Conditions
  3. step3
    Based on the information you provided and upon your consultation with a Chez Vous coordinator, we will assign a staff to work in your home.
  4. step4
    A Chez Vous coordinator will accompany the staff to your home on the first service to ensure your requests are understood and answer any questions you may have.
  5. step5
    Your coordinator will follow up to check if you have any feedback about the service. For regular users, we will also confirm the schedule.

Payment Method