On a Mission of Happiness

One-stop domestic solutions for the most discerning clientele.
Through our expertise in the placement of child-care and housekeeping (maid) staff, complimented by our housecleaning-pro services, we think it is now time to bring happiness to you!

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Features of Chez Vous

  1. Service Style

    We place great importance on fostering good relationships with our customers and staff through continuous service guidance. Many users have been with us for several years. Some for up to 15 years.

  2. In-House Coordinator

    The coordinator in-charge will respond in detail to the customer's request and arrange the service specifically to their needs.

  3. Unique Staff System

    Under our in-house staff system from hiring to operational management, we provide a wide variety of staff from Japanese to foreign employees.

  4. Long Track Record

    Since our establishment in 2004, we have achieved a long track record of providing housework, childcare, and cleaning services, mainly in the metropolis area.

  5. Wide Range of Customers

    Providing service not only to Japanese and foreign households, but also with corporations such as real-estate companies and hotels.

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