On a Mission of Happiness

One-stop domestic solutions for the most discerning clientele.
Through our expertise in the placement of child-care and housekeeping (maid) staff, complimented by our housecleaning-pro services, we think it is now time to bring happiness to you!

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Special Disinfection Services


Home disinfection
Air conditioner cleaning(Optional: Antibacterial coating)

Quality Service at its best……

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    High Quality Staff

    With diverse family types and domestic needs in the market,. Chez Vous has a wide base of registered staff, ranging from licensed Japanese sitters, to middle-aged Filipina domestic helpers and veteran Japanese domestic staff.
    All of our staff has undergone a rigorous muti-stage screening process, with their background scrutinized from a variety of angles under different scenarios.

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    Customized Services

    Your assigned coordinators can recommend the best services to accommodate your needs, and make arrangements to make your daily lives more convenient

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    Bilingual Services

    Chez Vous is known for its bilingual services. From office staff to housekeepers and babysitters, we cater to your bilingual needs.

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    One-stop Solution

    We meet all your domestic needs by offering housekeeping, babysitting, house cleaning-pro (technical cleaning) and full-time staff placement services all in one roof, convenient for new and existing clientele.

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    Attendant & Butler Services

    First ever in Japan to offer personal attendant and butler services to cater to your needs.

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