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Housekeeping Service

Chez Vous Housekeeping Service is perfect for busy people who have a need for a no-hassles dependable service.

This personalized maid service is designed to be used on a regular basis to take care of the maintenance housekeeping chores, including cleaning, ironing, laundry, bed-making, cooking, shopping and even shining your shoes!


Based on an initial consultation with a Chez Vous coordinator, your housekeeper will be matched to meet the individual requirements of your household. Then, on an ongoing basis, your coordinator will be on hand to ensure you are always getting a consistently high-quality of service. With a wide variety of staff profiles to select from, and a deep understanding of our clients’ domestic needs, we are confident to tailor the best housekeeping solution for you.


To find out more about the services/prices, please select the housekeeping service that best fits your needs:

Regular Housekeeper    Spot Housekeeping

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Home Security and Quality Control

How we are working to deliver a high quality of service and peace of mind.


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A guide from the initial consultation to service delivery.


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