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House Cleaning-Pro Service

For your supplementary and specialist house cleaning needs, Chez Vous House Cleaning-Pro team is on hand to keep your home in its best condition!

To complement the female touch of our housekeeping service, the MAN-power of our House Cleaning-pro team is skilled in the technicalities of special cleaning tasks. We will arrive at your home in our service car, armed with all of the necessary machines, tools and detergents – ready for action. This service is designed to undertake your deep, seasonal and technical cleaning tasks, not usually covered within the routine housekeeping.

We take great pride in putting your home to its best condition and would like you to enjoy the extra level of cleanliness our House Cleaning-Pro team can bring!

To find out more about the services/prices, please select the House Cleaning-Pro service below that fits your needs. If you are looking for a packaged combination of services or a total home clean, we are happy to tailor a cleaning solution to meet your requirements.


Technical Cleaning

Air-con Cleaning

Parts Cleaning

Kitchen Range Hood


Outside Cleaning

Balcony Cleaning

Window Cleaning

End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

Total Home Cleaning


Service Area

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