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Working with Chez Vous

Chez Vous

Since our foundation in January 2004, we have grown very quickly to become the leading domestic service company in Tokyo. We now have over 230 professional domestic staff working in the homes of our distinguished clients. Chez Vous is the largest employer of foreign housekeepers and babysitters in Japan. We are happy to be well-integrated in the Filipino community here in Japan and are proud to hold a reputation of being a good employer, offering good jobs in a comfortable working environment.

Part-Time Jobs (dispatch)

We are constantly hiring part-time housekeepers and babysitters to be dispatched to private homes in Tokyo and Yokohama areas.
Chez Vous coordinators ensures you to have comfortable and safe working environment.

Starting salary: ¥1,100 per hour

Working Conditions:
1) Minimum work hours from 3 hours above.
2) In-house training given to successful applicants.
3) Full transportation cost covered by Chez Vous.
4) Japanese and English OK

Full-Time Jobs (direct contract)

For families needing intensive help, we are looking for experienced individuals who have professional experience in cleaning and childcare. With this system, we introduce you directly to a client who is looking for a full-time domestic helper. Chez Vous will negotiate your salary based on the workload.

Average salary based on a 40-hour week: ¥200,000 ~ above

Our Requirements

Do you fulfill the following minimum requirements by Chez Vous?
1. Reliable and trustworthy
2. Valid resident visa (permanent, spouse or child of Japanese national, long-term visas)
3. A genuine interest to help other families
4. Able to speak English and/or Japanese
5. Skills in housekeeping and/or babysitting
6. At least one year experience working for the same employer/company (for any kind of job)